Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hotel Luxuries from the North

Greetings from lovely Sault Ste. Marie! My job has taken me North this week, and I'm thoroughly taking advantage of living in my hotel room. Room service, 9 pillows on my bed, blasting the heat...lovely luxuries that I don't have at home!

On that note, here are some gorgeous hotel rooms from around the world. Enjoy!!

Park Hyatt Hotel Room - Designed by Sarah Richardson
(A portion of the room proceeds go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)

Hard Rock Hotel Blue Suite Bedroom - Las Vegas

Pantone Hotel in Brussels

Joyce Hotel Paris

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  1. These hotels are definitely gorgeous! I definitely love to stay in one of those hotels. The Blue Suite of Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is every inch of a party room! The blue lights and the interior look cool and very club-like. But the Pantone Hotel in Brussels will get my vote. It is simple yet very sophisticated. And the view is breathtaking!