Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blond Options

I'm getting my hair done on Saturday! I'm very happy about this because my roots are out of control right now. Plus, the dry air is making my hair even more damaged than usual, so I need a trim too. Here are some of the photos that I'm considering bringing for my stylist. What one do you like best?

Mid-length, no layers.

Mid length, no layers, with sassy bangs.

Short bob.

This photo is more for color inspiration.
A little less bleached than the previous photos.

Monday, November 29, 2010

2 New Christmas Wishes...

I have a hard time choosing perfumes for myself. I have spent a lot of time around perfume (7 years working at The Body Shop), and I still can't narrow down the perfect scent. To date, I've settled on the following fragrances: Chanel Chance, Jean Paul Gauthier Elle, Armani White, and Britney Spears Fantasy (I know what you are thinking...but I really like it!).
Although I do like all of those scents, I don't LOVE any of them. I think Armani White is the closest I've come to finding the perfect fragrance...so the hunt is still on! I'm adding these two perfumes to my Christmas wish list because they are my favorite new scents that I've come across this year:

Peace Love & Juicy Couture
"...captures the free-spirited, hippy vibe of Malibu..."

Escada Marine Groove
"...essence of an exclusive Summer sail party: fun, flirty, fabulous..."
*this one is limited edition, and may be hard to find...

Inspiration: Home Libraries

It's the time of the year when I start to spend more time in books stores, more money on books, and more time on my couch reading those books. My house is too small to have a home library, or anything close to it, so I have to be satisfied with a tiny little bookshelf for now. That's why I'm living vicariously through the homeowners who have created these beautiful reading spaces.

A home office / library is a must for my next home...

Photo from Splendid Willow

Half library / Half guest room...love it!


Photo: Cheryl Dalton

Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspiration: Eclectic Photo & Art Walls

Both images from ModInMind.

I have spent many hours flipping through home magazines, reading blogs, and watching HGTV. I am constantly dazzled and amazed by the creativity and individualism that homeowners demonstrate these days. Just when I think that I may have seen it all, another room will come along and take me by surprise. I think it is fantastic that we are taking a laid-back approach to decorating. The rooms really show who these people are as individuals.
One of my favorite creative features that I have seen in many rooms, is a mis-matched photo wall. The look is absolutely effortless (Even though the owners probably spent a lot of time choosing which photos to use on the wall...), and it makes the room so friendly and inviting.

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn


media rooms - sofa eclectic art photo gallery brown gray flannel throw green pillow lamp  Suzanne Dimma & Rob Fiocca Photography!  sofa, green
Suzanne Dimma & Rob Fiocca

bedrooms - daybed eclectic photo gallery green walls paint color office  Thanks to Design Sponge!    Dwell Peony Pillows! Photo Gallery! Gray

Domino Magazine

Annie Schlecther

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rainbow Chopsticks

How awesome are these rainbow chopsticks?! I just found them online at the MOMA store. We eat a lot of sushi at our house, but we're still using the plain wooden chopsticks that come with our sushi order. I'd love to have this set of lacquered wooden chopsticks to keep forever! They're great for having dinner guests as well.

These are sliding into the Christmas Wishlist at #14. I'm so happy I discovered them!

Inspiration: Graphic Prints at Home

It takes a brave soul to use big graphic prints at home. I admire anyone who is bold enough to cover their walls or floors in giant flowers, stripes, paisley...you name it. I'm not quite that bold yet, and I'll continue to stick with prints on smaller items like pillows and bedding. Hopefully one day in the near future I will be able to commit to an area rug (finally), that has a gorgeous pattern inspired by any of these spaces:

Photo: David land

I love the large textured print of the area rug.
Supermodel, Jessica Stam's, New York City apartment.
Photo: Roger Davies

Big, bold prints everywhere. A happy, lively room.
Designer, Jonathan Adler's, living room.
Photo: William Waldron

Avalisa area rug.
Photo from GrassRootsModern

Southern Living
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn, Robbie Caponetto

Optical Illusion
Coastal Living
Photo: Lisa Romerein

Cantilevered frames and a compact design make these bunks a sculptural update on the classic. The lacquered wood finish makes them extra durable, too, to hold up under a stream of sleepover guests. Bedding with modified stripe motifs completes the picture of camp-style coastal quarters in this Malibu Beach, California, bunkroom.
Coastal Living
Photo: Lisa Romerein

Photo: David Land

Home - Blue and white (Domino Magazine) - Blue, White Bedroom
Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Very Starbucks Christmas

There's nothing like a mug of Starbucks coffee to start the day. Especially that first sip...

Wish #13 this Christmas is a selection of Starbucks coffees that I can brew at home. I request this every year, and it's always one of my favorite things that I pull out of my stocking. Sometimes it even arrives in the form of a "Starbies" gift card :)



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspiration: Rooms with a "Pop" of Color

I've always had a passion for neutral or white rooms that feature little "pops" of color. The color can be on anything from one feature wall, curtains, a few pillows, a gorgeous area rug....there are endless possibilities.

Having light neutral walls also makes it easy to change the look of your room from season to season. Maybe you will have yellow and blue accents in the Summer, and then change them out for red and brown in the Fall. I tend to do exactly that with throw pillows and blankets in my living room. It's like having a brand new living room twice a year!

The combination of crisp white, vibrant red, and soft turquoise inspired this simple, chic bedroom. A custom-built, upholstered bed in white Ultrasuede was the splurge in this room, and other design details, such as the graphic rug and white-lacquered dresser, came from reasonably priced retailers. A bright red floral pattern is used for the pillows and led to an equally bold custom lampshade.
Lisa Romerein

A painted chest, a seat cushion, and a throw blanket add just the right amount of color.
Roger Davies

black, white and turquoise living room
Jeremy Samuelson

colored storage boxes
Antonis Achilleos

A vibrant blue rug both anchors and inspires this California living room. An oversized, creamy white couch is covered with pillows in shades of blue to create a comfortable seating area. Two large, linen poufs make for extra (and movable) seating. A tiled coffee table feels exotic and coastal.
Lisa Romerein

This bunkroom in Santa Cruz, California, is the perfect way to sleep extra visitors. The bunks are extra long to accommodate all ages, and varying but complementary bed linens make each bed feel like its own space.
David Tsay

Just a splash of the unexpected here and there – such as the hot pink bean bag chairs and bold lamps – is a great way to introduce some brightness in an all-white room.
David Tsay

Roger Davies

Joshua McHugh

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish #12

Thank you to my friend M, from Little Blond Bird, for introducing me to Foxy Originals. My life is changed forever! This jewelry company, based in Toronto, offers affordable and on-trend pieces in silver, gold and bronze.

Wish #12 is this tiny and adorable pair of cubic earrings. At just $20, these would make an amazing gift exchange present! They are available in gold and silver. Don't you think they are perfect for day-to-day work earrings? I don't think I'd ever take them off.

P.S. Shipping is free on all orders over $75.00. Get together with your girlfriends and do one large order to save on the shipping!

Cubic Earrings

Monday's Blog/Runway/Contest Links

You know how I know it's November? I'm sitting here in the office with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and I'm looking out the window at my neighbors hanging their Christmas lights. There's no snow on the ground, but I can tell it's freezing out there. The trees are rattling with the wind, and I can see my neighbors' breath in the air. It's scenes like these that get me buzzing and excited for the Holiday season.

Today's post is inspired by the spirit of the season: happy faces, Christmas parties, glitter, presents, and cheer.


I absolutely love the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 show. It's full of color and sparkle...perfect for the holidays.


Check out this fun Christmas wreath! It's made entirely out of felt balls. I would love one of these for my front door.

Instructions and photos were found on Oh Happy Day (yet another of my favorite blogs).


Through Canadian Living, you can enter once per day, until December 5th, for a chance to win a daily prize. The prizes are all part of their Holiday Gift Guide for 2010.