Monday, November 29, 2010

2 New Christmas Wishes...

I have a hard time choosing perfumes for myself. I have spent a lot of time around perfume (7 years working at The Body Shop), and I still can't narrow down the perfect scent. To date, I've settled on the following fragrances: Chanel Chance, Jean Paul Gauthier Elle, Armani White, and Britney Spears Fantasy (I know what you are thinking...but I really like it!).
Although I do like all of those scents, I don't LOVE any of them. I think Armani White is the closest I've come to finding the perfect the hunt is still on! I'm adding these two perfumes to my Christmas wish list because they are my favorite new scents that I've come across this year:

Peace Love & Juicy Couture
"...captures the free-spirited, hippy vibe of Malibu..."

Escada Marine Groove
"...essence of an exclusive Summer sail party: fun, flirty, fabulous..."
*this one is limited edition, and may be hard to find...

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