Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wish #9....My Favorite Item So Far...

I already know it...I dread it...but I know it's coming...my 2011 New Years resolution. And I know what mine is going to be. (dramatic drum roll...) I'm making a resolution to do proper meal planning at the beginning of the week, and make a healthy dinner each night. People, this means that there are fires to start, meals to burn, and many spills and messes to clean, come 2011. But, I figure that every chef starts somewhere right?! I'm not awful in the kitchen, but I'm definitely not great...yet.

What better way to start my year of ruining, I mean cooking, than to don this adorable and classy apron! I think that if I feel sassy and adorable while I'm learning new recipes, then I can do anything.

I found it on Amazon, and I think it's the nicest apron I've ever seen. I really want it. (Zach, that's a huge hint to you...)

Jessie Steele Carmen Bib Apron

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