Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Reading

The beginning of Autumn is one of the many times of year that I spend a lot of time reading. It's the cool weather that makes me want to burrow on the couch with a cozy blanket and spend a few solid hours with a great book. I took a quick peek at the Amazon website (A quick peek is okay...if I'm on there too long I spend too much money), and noticed that there is a new 50th anniversary edition of Lolita! I haven't read this book since high school, so it's definitely time for a re-read. I love the beautiful new cover as well.

A few other Fall reading wishes:


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wanted: Art

My house is boring. Period. It's about time I really start to hunt down some good furniture and art. I'm starting on Etsy, home of all things crafty and original. It only took me about ten minutes of searching before I found this beautiful photography by Irene Suchocki. I think it would look beautiful set against a white wall, or above a little white table.

Twinkle - Fine art photograph

Oooooh, I really love this one too! I'm in trouble now...
If wishes were horses - Fine art carnival photograph

...and this one...
Snowblind - Fine art photograph - winter - abstract

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cozy Toes

Winter crochet socks.

I am loving these crochet socks! It seems like each day is a little cooler now, so these are looking like a treat for my feet right about now. They would be perfect for lounging around the house, or even for under a cute pair of boots.
Here are some other adorable cold weather socks/slippers/boots from around the web:

Crocheted Felted Slippers - Adult - Brown
Crocheted felt slippers. Etsy.

Chez Laduree Socks. Anthropologie.

Petite Chou Booties. Anthropologie.

 Cozy knit booties. Old Navy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chocolate Croissant

I'm in the middle of planning a one day Montreal-shopping extravaganza. I have my budget planned and my wishlist complete. I am fantasizing about the fabulous finds that await me...but my mind keeps wandering to my favorite Montreal snack break: a delicious, flaky, and fresh chocolate croissant. Believe it or not, I actually plan my shopping trip around a scheduled snack break at a specific bakery downtown. They have a particularly amazing chocolate croissant there.

Since I will not be making the trip to Montreal until mid-October, I will have to venture downtown to Benny's Bistro to enjoy what I consider to be Ottawa's best chocolate croissant. Luckily, my hair salon is on the same street as Benny's, so I get to enjoy this little treat every 6-8 weeks.

Benny's Bistro is a fabulous little restaurant in the Byward Market. They offer delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch options, along with an array of baked goods. I can not wait to sit at a little table, read the paper, and enjoy a steaming latte with my chocolate croissant.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Skin Boost

Fall is here, and with it comes a whole slew of new skin care issues. It seems that as soon as the weather gets cooler, my skin instantly gets drier and duller. Thankfully, many years of retail employment at The Body Shop provided me with "insider" info on some of the best stuff out there. I'm talking Vitamin C, and I'm talking the best little treat your skin has seen in a while. Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules are little miracles. I picked up a jar on the weekend, and I've been using one per day since Saturday. My skin already feels and looks so much better.

Each capsule contains a high concentration of Vitamin C which is one of the best ingredients to fight environmental damage (sun, pollution etc). They leave your skin smoother and brighter. I can't believe I waited this long to buy them again!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swiss Bliss

I live in a fairly small home, and I consistently find myself complaining about the shape and size restraints of every room. That is, until I was awestruck by this intelligent, creative and beautiful space in Switzerland. It's a home built mostly underground, with curves and twists and plenty of dark corners. Yet the design and concept of the interior finishes and furnishings make it cozy and light. I would have to say it has me re-thinking the space that I've been given.

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-3 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-1 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-9 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-6 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground home designs swiss mountain house 5 Incredible Underground Residence in Switzerland

The residence was a joint project between SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've just added rubber boots to my Fall fashion wishlist. I've been meaning to buy some for years actually, but I've just made do with my existing pair. Now it's finally time to find that perfect pair for Fall.

The fashion industry has come a long way in recent years with the usage and design of rubber boots. You can now find them everywhere: in magazine ads, commercials, boutiques, and on the runway.

I have plenty of selection to choose, to just pick a pair...

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2010 Runway

Hunter boots from

See by Chloe
(through Piperlime)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Fall Makeup

It's Autumn! Bring on the cool crisp weather, colorful leaves, and a new Fall wardrobe. I have my fashion wishlist ready to go, however, I realized that something was missing. In the midst of my "studying" the new fashion lineup for the season, I realized that I needed new makeup to go with my new wardrobe. I've been searching around for a while for that perfect foundation. I've only ever heard great things about Chanel's foundation lineup, so this past weekend I went ahead and splurged on Mat Lumiere Long Lasting Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup SPF15. I tested it out today, and I love it. It goes on slightly watery, but spreads and blends in with a velvet and powder finish.

I threw in a few more fun finds, and voila! A brand new Fall makeup regime. Love!

MAC currently has some beautiful examples of a Fall smoky eye.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppy Love...introducing Cooper

This Summer, after years of pondering, waiting, and researching, I finally brought home a puppy! He is a beautiful little Boxer who we have named Cooper. He is already full of mischief and personality, and he keeps us busy every minute of the day. I can't wait to do all of the things on my "Cooper and me" list: walks in the park, puppy play dates, lazy days at the cottage, and Christmas mornings with a special stocking for the dog :)

Photo by Sarah R (Thank you Sarah!)

Photo by Sarah R (Thank you Sarah!)

Photo by Sarah R (Thank you Sarah!)