Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CB I Hate Perfume

*This post is dedicated to my fellow partner in smells, Alli*

The title of this post is misleading. I actually love perfume! CB I Hate Perfume is an unconventional perfume company that I just discovered. They specialize in bottling smells that you would never imagine could be bottled, such as: Gathering Apples, Winter 1972, In the Summer Kitchen, and Walking in the Air. The scents are meant to capture an experience, memory or feeling. One of my favorite descriptions is the one for Ocean / Eternal Return: "Eternal Return is the scent of sailing toward the shore. It is a blend of Fresh Ocean Air, Wooden Ship and a faint hint of Cypress Trees growing on the cliff above the water...".

I also enjoy the description for Narcissus: Clean running water over mossy stones, the wind gently blowing through green leaves...

You can order the perfume in an absolute or water version (different strengths).


  1. AMAZING! I should work for them, though it sounds like they've got some good noses on their team already. Thanks for the shout out! xo

  2. Fun!

    But I can't help but think of the perfumes that probably failed the market testing and were discontinued...smells such as "Tuba cottage fart" and "OC Transpo BO"... if only people's noses weren't so sensitive