Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swiss Bliss

I live in a fairly small home, and I consistently find myself complaining about the shape and size restraints of every room. That is, until I was awestruck by this intelligent, creative and beautiful space in Switzerland. It's a home built mostly underground, with curves and twists and plenty of dark corners. Yet the design and concept of the interior finishes and furnishings make it cozy and light. I would have to say it has me re-thinking the space that I've been given.

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-3 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-1 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-9 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-6 :Antony Micallef VERYVERYBEAUTIFUL

underground home designs swiss mountain house 5 Incredible Underground Residence in Switzerland

The residence was a joint project between SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

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  1. Green roofing is a pretty eco-friendly idea, and when you think about it, the biggest green roof you could get would be the real ground if you live under it! Yeah, the fact that it looks so comfortable is quite amazing -- look at that woman reading outside, it just must feel so comfortable there! The architecture is really marvelous, and seriously creative. Hopefully ideas like this will catch on more, right?