Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mirrored Bedside Tables: Inspiration

My house is somewhat starting to come together. The living room is finally clear of boxes, piles of paper, dust bunnies...you know, the usual suspects. Unfortunately, a lot of the items that were removed from the living room have made an appearance in my bedroom. There was just no where else to put them right now. I am vowing to have them out of my room by the end of 2010, which gives me a month and a half to get to work!

I've always envisioned an eclectic-meets-hotel type of bedroom for myself, and I think that mirrored nightstands would be a perfect touch. Plus, they provide great storage! I've seen some around at a few boutiques in the Byward Market, but I've never ventured in to check them out. Now, you can be sure that I will be doing research, checking kijiji and Used Ottawa, perusing at some local shops and hopefully purchasing some before the new year.

Here are just a couple of photos I found for some inspiration:

Home - Park Mirrored Bedside Table | Pottery Barn - mirrored nightstand
Table: Pottery Barn

Direct Buy

I'm drooling over this one!
Coco Cozy

Direct Buy (Again! Who knew?)

Jessica McLintock

Direct Buy!!!

Oscar de la Renta Collection
Century Furniture

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