Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspiration: Eclectic Photo & Art Walls

Both images from ModInMind.

I have spent many hours flipping through home magazines, reading blogs, and watching HGTV. I am constantly dazzled and amazed by the creativity and individualism that homeowners demonstrate these days. Just when I think that I may have seen it all, another room will come along and take me by surprise. I think it is fantastic that we are taking a laid-back approach to decorating. The rooms really show who these people are as individuals.
One of my favorite creative features that I have seen in many rooms, is a mis-matched photo wall. The look is absolutely effortless (Even though the owners probably spent a lot of time choosing which photos to use on the wall...), and it makes the room so friendly and inviting.

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn


media rooms - sofa eclectic art photo gallery brown gray flannel throw green pillow lamp  Suzanne Dimma & Rob Fiocca Photography!  sofa, green
Suzanne Dimma & Rob Fiocca

bedrooms - daybed eclectic photo gallery green walls paint color office  Thanks to Design Sponge!    Dwell Peony Pillows! Photo Gallery! Gray

Domino Magazine

Annie Schlecther

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