Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ralph Lauren Spring 2011...also, best brond* hair ever.

I'm sitting here completely stuck on what to blog about today. I just leaned over our shared desk and asked Zach what he thought I should do. Without looking up from his laptop, he said, "Blog about how much work sucks and how we should be independently wealthy and not have to deal with this bull****". Lol. I think he's having a rough day.

So on that note, IF I was independently wealthy...

I would live HERE.
I would travel HERE.
I would buy the entire Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 collection.

*Brond: Is it blond? Is it brunette? The perfect shade of brond has you debating for hours...


  1. Your post really made me smile, girl :)) anyway I agree with Zach - all the world could be wealthy & happy without stress and all the unnecessary s*it that surrounds us. On that note, we should really focus on things we love to do (that make us super happy) and keep as positive as possible for a better mood, vibration & future. <3
    - btw the destination & house you choose look really amazing! Wish you to achieve that or something really close to it in near future. Xoxo

    Urska @

  2. I want to go to that resort. Sigh.

  3. Agree and agree. The house and the destination are both so beautiful. It's nice to dream!