Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Perfect Spring Nails

Spring and Summer tend to be the seasons that I spend the most time on my nails. Manicures and pedicures just seem to get a lot more attention during these seasons! I do my own mani-pedi 95% of the time, and the other 5% of the time I actually go to a salon and get it done professionally. Luckily, I'm actually pretty good at doing it myself, so I save a ton of money.

When it comes to selecting a color, I stick with lighter shades of pinks, corals, and champagnes for my fingernails. My toes are almost always pink or red. SOMEtimes I take a chance (like last week), and select a very pale shade of purple or blue. I stay away from dark colors because I find they really make my skin look pale.

I think the prettiest hands are ones that look tanned and moisturized, and baby pink seems to be the prettiest compliment! Here are three of my all time favorites that I buy time and time again:

My bottle calls it Imported Champagne, but the website calls it Imported Bubbly.
This color is a very iridescent pale beige/pink. I love it because one coat is all it takes, and it dries so fast. Perfect for a really really quick manicure. Bonus: If you have a tan, it makes you look even more tanned! Perfect for Spring and Summer.

Sugar Daddy.
A pale baby pink. It's quite sheer, so it's great alone or for layering. Currently I have this layered over one coat of Imported Bubbly, and it looks so pretty!

Shop Till I Drop.
A pale pink/coral shade. This one also looks beautiful with a tan!
(The website says it's currently unavailable...I hope it's just back ordered and not discontinued!)

Finally, here are my two favorite toe shades:

A bright watermelon shade of pink. Adorable for Summer, and blends well with most outfit / shoe choices.

Rumple's Wiggin.
A lovely shade lavender. I've used it for both nails and toes.

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