Friday, March 11, 2011

Tacos and Cousins

THANK.GOD.IT'S.FRIDAY. I have had a mentally exhausting week at work, and I need it to be the weekend now. I have a fun weekend planned for myself, and hopefully it helps ease the pain of this past week.

Here's my weekend in list format (I make lists when I'm stressed out):

Friday: Movie night with my sister, my niece and my daughter. There will be much popcorn, Doritos and talking during the movie :)
Saturday: A lovely lunch date with my friend Vic. I get all squirmy with delight just thinking about it!
Sunday: The perfect way to finish off the weekend? All of my girl cousins are coming over for taco night. It's a strange way to reconnect, I know. But we always seem to get together and make tacos, and have the best nights. I already foresee many a dill pickle topping (another strange cousin secret...that I just ruined), many a glass of wine, and many many games of Mad Gab.

Me encanta primos y tacos! (Thank you Google translator!)

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