Friday, October 8, 2010

Painted Dressers

I'm trying to be braver when it comes to decorating my own house. I find it easy to suggest big bold pieces to other people, because I know they will look good in their homes...but when it comes to my own place, I chicken out! I have just been given another chance to take the plunge and do something unique. My friend has given me an old wooden dresser that needs a makeover. (I'll post pictures soon) I'm going to sand it down, re-finish the surfaces, and add new hardware. I just need some inspiration! Maybe I'll be bold enough to paint it green, blue, yellow etc...or maybe I'll play it safe and paint it white. Stay tuned!


Dresser by Barb Blair from Knack Studios.

dresser, bedroom, furniture
Photo from The Stir

Photo from LGN

Photo from Honey & Fitz

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