Friday, October 29, 2010

Milk & Honey: Design Your Own Shoes!?

design your own here!

My friend Jen emailed me yesterday to tell me about this amazing company, Milk & Honey. What's the big deal with this shoe company, you ask? You can design your own shoes! Yes friends, you can choose flats or heels and design until your heart is content!

The founders are two sisters, Ilissa and Dorian Howard (pictured above), with a passion for shoes. The company was born when the two discovered: "1) We didn’t want to have to take out second mortgages to support our shoe habit and 2) Sometimes we just couldn’t find want we wanted and that was simply not okay."

The website features a ready-to-wear section, an inspiration gallery, and a design-your-own program. I just played around with it for a while and designed two adorable pairs! Pair number one: Pink flats with a peep toe and a little ballet bow. Pair number two: Black skinny heels with a round peep toe, sand Mary Jane strap, and sand heel. Love! I didn't buy them (yet), but I will continue to play around until I design the perfect pair!

There are a number of other great categories such as animal friendly, bridal, and greatest hits (their best sellers).

Warning: If you do choose to visit the website, you will more than likely end up spending hours using the shoe-builder program...I warned you!

Design-Your-Own: Shoe builder program

Pink Peep-Toe Flats with Large Bow: Erin Hearts Court Wedding Photography

Ginnifer Goodwin
Actress Ginnifer Goodwin in custom-made Milk&Honey Peep-Toe Platforms


  1. Nice work @MilkandHoneyShoes - Designing your own shoes is soooo much fun!

  2. I can't wait to order my first pair! I'll be working on designing a pair for the Holiday season...something that can go with a cute party dress or a LBD.