Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun & Quirky Kitchens

When it comes to quirky, eccentric, or eclectic kitchens, these homeowners got it right! I came across the first photo a while back, and I started a file right away. I was inspired by the creativity and the unique features of each one. Don't you wish you could go for a visit and sit at the table for a little while? I can definitely see myself in any of these kitchens, reading the paper and sipping an herbal tea...

I love this eco-friendly kitchen! Did you notice the cupboards are
alphabetized for organization?


  1. OMG I <3 the first one so much!!! Those are pretty much the colours of my kitchen.. when I redo it of course.

  2. I can definitely see you in that kitchen! You need a 50's inspired apron to go with it :)