Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Eve everyone! 2010 has been a year of changes and growing up for I look forward to a calmer more organized 2011. I have decided on 3 simple resolutions this year:

1. Cook - We will be meal-planning A LOT this year. Most of our "quick" dinners result from not having a stocked kitchen or proper ingredients. Solution: Meal Plan! I'll update you on kitchen disasters and achievements as I go!

2. Organize - I used to be such an organized person. I would have a list every day and cross things off as I did them! For example: work, make dinner, 2 loads of laundry, call Mom, find that receipt I need...etc. I need to get back to that state...except maybe a little less OCD. I'll stick with weekly lists, keeping a calendar (thank you new Blackberry), and cleaning up after myself as I go (in order to avoid large messes that take a whole day to clean).

3. Get married - Yes everyone, it's unofficially on the agenda. We are almost 100% going to get married some time in 2011. It will be a nontraditional and small wedding, but very meaningful and heartfelt. I can't wait! More to come on that...

See you in the New Year!



  2. Haha! I just saw this message. Check your texts :)